What should the height of bed be when leveling and setting z-offset?

  • Apologies in advance for the “verboseness” of this post. I just can’t think of any other way to explain it.
    I just bought a Creality CR-10 V3 and BLTouch. I noticed that the bed was set at about the lowest level. I want to manually level the bed as best I can and then let BLTouch compensate for any imperfections after I level it.
    I also need to set my z-offset.
    I noticed that the hot end couldn’t reach the bed when the bed was set at its lowest setting (which is how it came when I purchased it). So, I was wondering if the bed shouldn’t be at its lowest level when first attempting to set the z-offset.
    The first thing that came to my head was to set the bed in the middle of its range by starting at its lowest level and seeing how many turns it takes to put the bed at its highest level and then backing down half of my turns to get it in the middle.
    Am I going about this the correct way? If not, please let me know where the bed should be when I do my initial set up.

  • Todd,

    I think maybe you could try to use common terminology first.

    Bed leveling, whether manual or automatic and Auto Z height adjustment are 2 different things. Look at it from the perspective of getting the bed to seem (or actually be), completely level using the knobs and springs of the bed. This assumes that the bed itself is truly level, (Even though we know from practice that the bed is actually warped due to uneven heat distribution, etc).

    Z height offset adjustment is the FINE adjustment for EACH bed surface, filament type combo that we will be using. As an example I have several double sided PEI sheets for my printers. I intentionally flip the plates over for each print when in production. I have at least 1 Z offset for each plate/filament combo. As filaments act differently and I wish to use the SAME GCODE for the filaments to be able to print continuously. (BTW, That's not just filament types like PLA or PETG but brands, colors, and batches. They all can be different).

    All that said. Get the manual settings for your bed correct and lock the springs in place. They should be near the MIDDLE of the physical range so that the Z offsets can move either up or down for each build plate/filament combo. If that means that you need to move the Z end stop on your printer than that is what is necessary. Remember the Z offset is only supposed to be +/- 2mm or so.

    I hope that helps.


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