LD-002H bed adhesion siraya fast resin

  • so I've been using this resin for about 3 months now with no problems, but suddenly I'm having bed adhesion issues. the print will get about 25% done then it will just let go of the bed. i made sure I'm level, i recalibrated the bed with a sheet of printer paper and i even bumped up the bottom exposure time gradually from 25 sec all the way to 45 sec. but it seems no matter what i do the print gets to about 25% then lets go of the bed. this is a 6 hour print so its been me repeatedly printing for about 2 hours, when the bed finally lifts high enough to see under. i also have the flex build plates and have tried swapping plates, but i have been using the plates the whole time. any suggestions are welcome. is it possible i just got a bad bottle of resin?

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