Air Flow

  • Hi Creality!

    I just got my LD-002R my preliminary prints are look great! Love this machine. However, the resin that i used, Creality Transparent, it's fumes is quite strong.
    I would like to ask, how is the air flow designed to be?
    Is it like this?
    air flow.jpg

  • Dear @jltan89

    Yeah, this is reply makes me understand, thank you.

    This is funning, 😀 hope you have good prints with this printer.

  • @admin Thank you for the reply admin. No problem! I think i have figured out the issue.
    My question was: how is the air flow is like for LD-002R because my room have a very bad resin smell when it is printing.

    Then when i investigate, i notices and learn that my back and bottom fans are working fine. They will only start spinning when a print has started.

    Upon further investigation, i found out that my tiny filtered fan that is inside the chamber was installed wrongly. It was installed in the opposite direction. So instead of pulling air out of the print chamber, it was pushing air into the print chamber, hence the fumes leaked out from the chamber and stinks the whole room.

    其实我的问题是: LD-002R 的气流是怎么样的。因为在printing时我的房间很臭。


    过后我发现我房间臭的原因。是因为那给小风扇装反了。它不是在啦空气out of the print chamber,反而是在吸空气进去print chamber. 这样那给printing fumes 都没有被 carbon filter 过滤。我把小风扇反过来装了后,好很多了。

  • Dear @jltan89

    I have transferred this post to our engineer, but it's hard for him to understand your questions, could you please send a video for the issues? Give a link here.

  • @jltan89 I tested my machine with a print. My back and bottom fans did starts running when a print is started. So no issue with the fans.

    Now left is my air flow question.

  • Also, i notices my back and bottom fan is not spinning even after i turn on the machine. I haven't start a new print to test if they will start spinning when it is printing. I would want to check and confirm first.

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