Ender3 V2 Carborundum Base Plate Issues

  • I have 2 ender 3 V2's both came with the Carborundum style base plates one is a gloss black that you can feel the texture on the second one I purchased has a almost matte black finish and feels very smooth. The matte smooth one has serious adhesion issues as in nothing will stick to it.

    I also have a CR10S Pro V2 that I had switched over from the stock build tack surface to the Carborundum style base plate and it is the gloss finish that has some texture (works great).

    So I ordered a replacement Carborundum plate for the second ender 3 thinking I would get the same style as my CR10S but no it arrives and its got a matte smooth finish that guess what nothing sticks to it!

    Anybody else seeing these issues with the Creality plates? Do they just have no quality control going on?

  • @SputnikRSS
    Where did you buy these replacement build plates?
    It mght be relevant to establish they're not knock-offs.

    Otherwise it's a good complaint to bring up- beginning with to the vendor, and if they don't help, to creality directly.

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