CR20 Pro

  • Hi guys,

    My CR20 Pro was printing fine for about a month, but now I have some serious problem with it.

    At first, the BLTouch started blinking and the Z axis was acting weird (going up when I tried to lower it, not responding, not saving the offset, etc). I checked all wires, checked the BLTouch and kept on trying until the Z axis was working properly again. I honestly don’t know what did the trick, I guess it was a combination of moving the BLTouch pin, moving the axis and doing it over and over again.

    No reason to celebrate though, because now the X and Y axis aren’t moving anymore.

    The wires seem to be fine and I don’t see any loose screws or anything.

    Does anyone know what can cause this? What can I check and/or try to get it to work again?

    I just don’t get why it worked perfectly fine and then all of a sudden it doesn’t. I love 3D printing and have never had any trouble with the Ender3. This is really stressing me out ☹

    Many thanks in advance!

  • Dear @Sofie

    X and Y-axis motors do not move, please measure the pin voltage and drive voltage of X and Y axis motors


    Re-plug the wiring between the probe and the mainboard, be sure to plug it in tightly. Use tweezers to tighten the Bltouch cable.

    Tight the screw in BL touch

    If there is still a problem, please provide the video and printer manufacturing code, and contact your seller to reissue the bl touch probe

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