Flat and mangled surfaces...what is wrong?

  • Flat and mangled surfaces...what is wrong?

    I have 3 printers (Ender 3, cr-6se, cr-10spro) that all print the same products including doll shoes and pacifiers. I used to be able to get perfectly round edges on the pacifiers on most all of my prints. Some of the pastel colors tended to get a flat spot to one side. Now most all colors have terrible edges and flat spots on all three printers! I’ve tried printing in different orientations and with different seam settings, but nothing is helping. Can anyone help me figure out what is going on?
    ![1_1622927102235_9E39068E-3D86-4C90-80DC-741DFAAC5447.jpeg](Uploading 0%) ![0_1622927102232_BE026679-114F-4A66-962B-CE2A9A321436.jpeg](Uploading 0%)

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