PLA not sticking to bed

  • Using PLA. Bed at 60C and nozzle at 200C. Also tried bed at 65C.
    Z-Offset is at 0.20
    Brim sticks fairly well. But as it gets to 1st layer, the brim comes loose and a mess results.

    Should I change to 0.1? I tried 0.15 but that didn't help. Was concerned about 0.1 maybe being to low and might hurt my new bed.

    Also new roll of filament and wondering if it is a bit too heavy and the extruder is having a hard time feeding the nozzle.

    I did replace the bed with a coated metal bed last month. Generally the coated metal is better for sticking to.

    I have also Auto Leveled before printing and still have the issue.


  • the coated metal bed (PEI?) do not start as easily as the original glass bed. your Z height needs to be much more accurate than when using the original glass bed.

    If the start of a line curls up and drags along then sticks, but otherwise looks fine and fat then you are too far away, keep reducing the height 0.01 or 0.02 at a time until it starts fine every time.

    so start at something like .2 and if it is way to high try 0.18. If 0.2 it is not way too high, start at 0.3 you want to start too far away and then move closer by small amounts so you don't overshoot,

    Once it does start to stick but is still folding a little back at the line start then just go down in 0.01 , if you go too far it will start the lines but it will go thin, patchy, hopefully you would have stopped reducing once you get consistent line start and way before you start scratching the bed.

    For a good first layer on the Creality printers I use flow rate 103% or 105% for the initial layers (set in slicer) then the rest of the print 100% as long as you have set your steps, which are always too low on these machines, Ender 3 V2 ~103 steps, CR-10 Smart 100 steps the factory 93 and 95 always under extrudes.

    Always start print at 200 noz and 60 bed (any bed plate), then you can drop to the desired 195 noz and 55 bed after first couple layers (if that's your normal print temp.) Going hotter does not seem to help much with PEI plate, more about correct Z-height.

    And make sure your bed is level and redo your ABL, no point getting a good start if your gonna ruin it by not having a level bed, it will just fall apart. After changing plate you need to re-level anyway. I find the PEI flatter than the glass. As I use UBL, if I did not re-level it would still be changing the Z-height height all over the place thinking it is the warped glass plate, thus making for a non starter bad first layer.

  • @jaybeckham
    i found some PLA need a temp of 210-215c to stick well.. have you tried at a higher temp?

  • Hi, @jaybeckham you can adjust Z-offset to 0.1, that is the thickness of a piece of paper.

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