PLA not sticking to bed

  • Using PLA. Bed at 60C and nozzle at 200C. Also tried bed at 65C.
    Z-Offset is at 0.20
    Brim sticks fairly well. But as it gets to 1st layer, the brim comes loose and a mess results.

    Should I change to 0.1? I tried 0.15 but that didn't help. Was concerned about 0.1 maybe being to low and might hurt my new bed.

    Also new roll of filament and wondering if it is a bit too heavy and the extruder is having a hard time feeding the nozzle.

    I did replace the bed with a coated metal bed last month. Generally the coated metal is better for sticking to.

    I have also Auto Leveled before printing and still have the issue.


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