Printed layer height different than slicer setting

  • I have noticed that my Ender 3 Pro always prints at a lower layer height than I set in the slicer. If I set it at 0.16mm in Cura, it prints at 0.12 mm. The prints come out fine and even print within the time estimated by Cura but I don't understand why this is happening. I was using Cura 4.6.2 and recently upgraded to Cura 4.7. It still works the same. I select a 0.16 profile and it prints at 0.12 based on the Z step readout on the display. That suggests the issue is in the printer firmware. It seems odd that the printing time estimate is accurate despite the different layer height. Can this be corrected or am I misunderstanding how this should work?

  • Dear @dn70

    There are layer height and starting layer height in the slice setting. If the layer height is set to 0.16 and the starting layer height is 0.12, it is possible. Please check if the starting layer height is 0.12

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