First custom model failing to print (it's probably my fault)

  • I watched a lot of tutorial videos for FreeCAD and was finally able to build a model of my own from scratch. I thought it was fairly simple and would be good for a relatively quick test on my new Ender-3 v2. I gave up after my (at least) 6th attempt and am looking for some advice. It's not my bed leveling, print setup, filament, or environment. I was able to print two of the sample models that came on the SD card just fine, and printed three others before today.

    The base layer seems very thin and stringy and doesn't seem to want to stick to itself or the bed. I feel like I'm doing something wrong structurally that is causing problems with printing. Anybody care to take a look at my files and offer advice for improvement?
    Slicing was done using Cura 4.9 to generate the gcode files here.

    I've owned the printer for less than a month and am hitting the learning curve pretty hard. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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