Printing quality is a disaster :-(

  • Hey guys!

    I am totally new to 3D printing - and slowly but surely I am running into serious trouble as I am not able to print anything really stable with my CR-10 V2.

    I tried several times with using different settings in Cura (latest version for PC) but it somehow seems to be impossible to get a smooth surface for my printouts.

    Here's how the little pig from the demo SD using the settings of that file without doing anything to it turned out - at some point, the surface was closed - but most of the time it is not.

    I am using 3D Jake ECOPLA Filament in Black 1,75 mm.

    Any help is highly appreciated!!
    Thank you!

    Printing Results:
    IMG_1301.jpg IMG_1300.jpg IMG_1336.jpg

    0001.PNG 0002.PNG 0003.PNG 0004.PNG 0005.PNG 0006.PNG 0007.PNG 0008.PNG 0009.png 0010.png 0011.png

  • @Deringo i'd agree with @gooddealonly. adjust settings only if you need to, one-by-one and systematically, checking how it was before and after each change.

    it jumps out that you are running pretty hot print temp, and your fan speed is down to 50% for some reason. may explain why things are oozing all over the place.

    you can try little test towers like here to find the good temperature settings for that filament.

  • I believe you have used too many settings on the Cura Slicer before you know what and how the settings will affect the printout. I would start with the Recommended setting first. There are very few things you have to do. Then slowly add more settings later.

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