Printing quality is a disaster :-(

  • Hey guys!

    I am totally new to 3D printing - and slowly but surely I am running into serious trouble as I am not able to print anything really stable with my CR-10 V2.

    I tried several times with using different settings in Cura (latest version for PC) but it somehow seems to be impossible to get a smooth surface for my printouts.

    Here's how the little pig from the demo SD using the settings of that file without doing anything to it turned out - at some point, the surface was closed - but most of the time it is not.

    I am using 3D Jake ECOPLA Filament in Black 1,75 mm.

    Any help is highly appreciated!!
    Thank you!

    Printing Results:
    IMG_1301.jpg IMG_1300.jpg IMG_1336.jpg

    0001.PNG 0002.PNG 0003.PNG 0004.PNG 0005.PNG 0006.PNG 0007.PNG 0008.PNG 0009.png 0010.png 0011.png

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