CR-10 v3 filament detector continued issues

  • Re: Creality CR-10: Too much friction/resistance in the filament detector

    The most current CR10 V3 still has major issues with the filament detector sensor. After purchasing my 3rd CR10 (previous 2 had extruder issues and we replaced under warrantee). The extruder issue has been addressed on the v3, but the filament detector would not recognize filament, thus I could not print. I disassembled to sensor, and concluded the limit switch inside was not opening enough to detect filament. I lodged a piece of a toothpick behind the limit switch, which fools the sensor into detecting filament. After a number of failed attempts to make a part, I have finally finished a few small builds. However, if I do indeed run out of filament, the detector is useless.
    Creality will not offer any help, saying the retailer is responsible for customer service. Does this not seem wrong to anyone?
    Thanks for listening to my rant, sorry to be such a downer.

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