Fan problem

  • Hello!
    I have had my Creality CR10S-Pro about 2 tas by now. It has functioned well. Some filament jams only. I still consider myself a beginner though 
    After a jam a couple of weeks ago I noticed that the fan pointing at the nozzle (fan2, placed on the right sid) wasn’t running.
    I bought a new fan, tested it was working before installing it to the machine. When starting the machine I found that the new fan didn’t run. Fan #1 was running)
    I checked the wiring , which seems to be ok.
    Since there are separate cables to fan1 and fan2, are they not supposed to ran at different times?
    I would be greatful for any help and /or tips how to solve this problem..

    Best regards

    Bo Enell

  • @bobenten this sounds normal to me.
    The fan on the right is a part cooling fan, which blows on the freshly printed filament. It turns on when printing, usually after a few layers depending on your slicer settings. You should be able to toggle it on/off within the menus on the machine.
    The other fan pointing at the heat sink is on all the time, whenever the printer is on.

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