Ender 5 Plus Extrusion Too Early

  • Hi Folk,

    I recently switched from ABS on XYZ Printers to PLA on a Creality Ender 5 Plus. All my tests prints are coming out great once I get a good start on the first layer. I have a problem where the extruder motor starts right after home where it goes to center and down leaving a good inch of extrusion before the first layer starts. If I cut it off quick enough and clean enough the remainder print is great. I am using the Creality Slicer with Basic settings.

    Is there an easy setting tweak for this or tweak to the gcode?


  • Hi Folk, I found it. It was in the start gcode tab and was set to extrude 3mm.

    Now I am tweaking settings for Overture PLA. The PLA that I got with printer worked great but was old and cracked a lot. This overture is horrible for bed adhesion. My leveling and z height is perfect. Setting first layer to a slow speed and upping the nozzle temp has helped, but still a work in progress.

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