Ender 5 Plus : lessons learnt

  • Dear all,
    I was a total newbie to 3D printing when I purchased my Ender 5 +. After 1 month working, testing and learning, I am now able to print what I want. I want to share my learnt lessons with you, hoping it could be of any interest or help.

    1. with the printer :
    • The printer is pre-assembled, but the pre-assembling is quite poorly done. I had to re-do some badly done assembling :
      o the holes in the 2 aluminium bars under the bed were not at the right place so I could not attach the bed to the 2 Z axis black bars. I had to drill them at a bigger diameter. Either these holes are not at the right place or the upper horizontal frame was not properly assembled. I discovered the problem when I had to attach the bed and I did choose to enlarge the holes. I did choose the easiest way, and it was ok then.
      o the rolling rubber wheels for the X and Y movements where set much too tight. The movements were possible but after 1 to 2 hours working there was a lot of rubber dirt on the tracks. I had to (re)set all the X and Y wheels.
    • The provided extrusion mechanism is crap (sorry). As it is black, I thought it was made of the same black aluminium than the frames. No, it is made of a cheap plastic. I had an irregular filament extrusion. I ended up dismantling this mechanism to discover it was made of plastic and broken. I replaced it with an aluminium one found on amazon at 15 Euros.
    • I replaced the mother board by the silent one. Waoooh ! Impressive. I just wish the fans to be as silent as the rest of the machine... Why don't they sell the Ender 5 + directly with this board ???
    1. Printing :
      FIRST lesson : never use the default parameters in the slicer. You have to use the parameters given by the filament maker. Example : for PETG, the default parameters in the CURA slicer are Hot bed at 70 °C, nozzle at 220°C, printing speed at 100 mm/s. I am using GEEETECH filament : hot bed at 90 °C, nozzle at 240 °C, printing speed at 50 mm/s. if you don't follow this rule :
    • nozzle at 220 ° : irregular extrusion.
    • Hot bed at 70 ° : poor adhesion and the corners of the first layers retract.
    • Speed at 100 mm/s : irregular extrusion.
      2nd lesson : be present and careful at least for the first layer, and I would say for the first 2 layers.
      3rd lesson : clean your bed (when it is cold) with Isopropyl alcohol (you find it on amazon too). Every time you touch the bed, you put some skin grease on it and the filament will not stick.
      4th lesson : do not use the energy saving (default is ON : in the adjustment section). After the first layers the bed does not heat anymore and the printed object will detach. I did not experience this one myself, i just read it. It seems quite logical...

    I do recommend to use the CURA slicer, last version, instead of the Creality one. I keep the creality only for the firmware updates.

    If I can think of any other thing, I will ad it.
    Best regards,
    Alain Reiner

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