Newbie Ender 6 and Hot End Replacement

  • I am totally new to this, so please forgive dumb questions and lack of knowledge of correct terms.

    Last weekend, we bought an Ender 6 used. I checked out the person selling it and talked with some mutual friends about the printer as they had some knowledge of it and her.

    She told me up front that the hot end needed to be replaced, and even provided the replacement part for me; however, I have absolutely no idea how to replace this thing. Does anyone know of a video or even written information on how to replace it? I can't begin the learning process until I can get it working.

    Thanks, in advance for your help!

  • @wgragg even if you're mechanically inclined, I think there's still a lot of little things that have to be shown instead of written in one answer on a forum.

    I'd say better search and watch a BUNCH of YouTube videos ("ender hot end replacement") before you dive in. Ender-6 isn't that widespread yet, but there is a lot for other creality printers which have a lot in common, like:

    There's so much on YouTube, you can learn whatever you want.. from the basics like learning what things are called, unboxing/setups, tips for tuning for good results, to doing all kinds of upgrades (which a hot end is sort of not the most basic upgrade...).

    These printers are relatively cheap because they expect the user is going to tinker and tune it to get it right.. they are getting a lot better lately but good results out-of-the-box I don't think should be promised.

    You really do need to be willing to put some time in to do some learning or you might get discouraged.

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