Ender 5 plus bed size in Cura

  • Hi, relatively new to all this so please forgive me if this has already been addressed and I've missed the thread.
    Trying to print a 335mm (w)x 225mm (L) piece on my Ender 5 plus using Cura 4.9 (i'm on mac) and it will not allow me to slice it because the model doesn't fit in the printable area. Have looked at the .json file in the definitions for Cura and max width etc are set to 350mm.
    I'm probably missing something simple, but it is starting to annoy me.
    Any help greatly appreciated.


  • Hi, thanks for this. I thought I had turned the skirt off, but will have another go and make sure this time. Tim...

  • Hi! I also ran into this issue, and it's most probably due to the rafts being used.
    If any raft (skirt, brim, raft) is selected, it wouldn't fit into the printing space.

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