CR-6E PLA prints fine, ABS is a disaster

  • I have successfully printed many PLA projects with no issues.

    I have been using the provided "C:\Program Files (x86)\Creality Slicer\Creality3D\Cura.exe" application for slicing and the selection of materials with the CR-6E as the selected printer.

    Everytime I try to print ABS projects, I end up with a ball of filament. Using a rectangular piece (2in by 4in) as an example; the base line foundation lays down fine but over time, the edges curl up and the piece becomes detached from the heated plate.

    I am spraying a layer of Suave Extreme Hold Hairspray on the bed before starting.

    I am using Profound 3D Octave ABS Filament Black 1.75mm material.

    I have tried setting combinations of the following:

    Extruder Temp Bed Temp
    217 70
    217 80
    225 70
    225 80
    230 70
    230 80

    None of them seem to work and result in the same tangled ball as soon as the corners of the rectangle begin curling up.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Happy Printing to All!

  • Hello Mike B,

    I would suggest:

    -Lowering the Z axis,
    -Making sure to have a brim and skirt , both flat enought.
    -Trying to lay Yellow UHU glue on the print bed before every print, and cleaning it with alcohol after each print.


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