August 20 batch not getting Pledgebox updates

  • I've been in touch with several people on the August 20 shipment list (first USA add-ons group) and none of us have received updates or tracking information on Pledgebox, even those of us who have received their printers.

    Please update us with tracking information. Speaking for myself, I need to schedule a trip and cannot do so without some idea of when the printer will arrive. Normally, I'd go by your ~50 day estimate. However, people in my group have received their printers well inside that estimate and there's too much uncertainty about delivery dates for me to schedule my travel.

    I'm sure tracking information would help more than me. Please update our information on Pledgebox.

  • @admin Noted, thank you. For your information, Pledgebox does not show the tracking number. I understand that there is a significant lead time between when the order leaves the factory and when it arrives.

  • Dear @Jecook


    And please follow the leading timeline:


  • Dear @smninos

    I think your add-ons will be shipped separately. Please be patient, they are ready shipping this week, and we send you the information by pledge box next week. thank you.

  • FWIW, the August 27th batch does not appear to be getting pledgebox updates either.

    Backer 6674 here waiting patiently for status updates. My guess is it's on the boat and in transit?

  • @admin I received my printer today without any notice that it had shipped. I have NOT received the add-ons. PledgeBox shows the printer has been delivered but there is no mention of the add-ons.

    Backer #4191

  • Dear @justinkim

    Our colleague has refreshed the information, please check again. Thank you.
    If you have any questions about it, please feedback me.

  • Dear @justinkim

    Please send your backer number, and I will check your status. Then I will feedback you for the reason. Thank you.

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