got the ender 3 v 2 . trying to use the slicer which sosed to be on the small sd card but it shows emty ! if its emty why used in printer worked fine to print both the dog and the cat . how do i get to the slicer ?? rolf

  • looking for the slicer software but both my computers show the card is emty !! why then was i able to prinnt the dog and cat contained on it ??
    how do i get the slicer ?? rolf

  • @rolf a gcode file contains everything the printer needs to make something. The examples you have printed have already been sliced into gcode. To make things of your own (or tweak settings) you will need a slicer. The slicer takes a 3d model and creates a gcode file which is then sent to the printer. Cura is quite good and can be downloaded for free.

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