Micro Swiss Direct Drive Problem Please Help!!!!

  • I just started getting into this hobby and have started with the ender 3 Maxx. For whatever reason my bowden tube cause my first 3 prints to fail. So I bought the microswiss direct drive kit. Well I get it and get to the end and go to reinstall my fan shroud to find out it doesnt fit and further investigation tells me I have the V2. Which requires me to print a fan shroud.
    Catch 22

    I cant print without this kit......
    I cant install this kit without the fan shoud I can only print with this kit......

    Im stuck and If i cant find help have wasted 500 bucks.

    I live in Orem Utah in the United States. I will pay for shipping, material and time if needed.
    my number is eIGHT oH oNE fOUR sEVEN tWO sEVEN oH eIGHT tWO. Please call or text anytime of the day or night about helping me with the fan shroud. The perfect remedy would be someone in Utah or Salt Lake County who can print me one in black and let me pick it up with cash. Please hit me up either way. This job couldnt be morer than 10 or 15 bucks shipped right?

    Thanks guys in advanced hopefully this reaches the right person that can help me.

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