ender3V2 MicroSwiss direct drive fan shroud

  • Hey guys I am new to this group and new to 3d printing. I started with the 3nder3maxx and my first 3 prints failed because the bowden tube was causing my PLA to get jammed up. So i bought the Micro-Swiss direct drive kit and while installing found out I have the V2 which require me to print a special cooling fan shroud.

    My catch 22 is I can print without the direct drive and I cant install the direct drive to print the fan shoud. I need someone in Utah (preferably utah county or salt lake county) to print the fan shroud for me and let me pay you for your time, material. If no one in Utah can help then I will pay shipping as well. Please let me know. As if no one can hel then I have wasted 500 bucks on a hobby I will not have been able to use once. Thank again!

    Thanks everyone

  • @Convarion Yes, its time to think like a Maker!

    If you can secure it with a screw and maybe add a strip of sticky tape (e.g. gaffer, duct or whatever you have) to close up any large gaps and be sure it does not fall off during printing, then you should definitely give it a go!

    If cooling is not perfect with this arrangement, you may end up with a less than perfect print, but that's why I say you may need to then fit your first attempt and print a second (better) shroud.

    You have nothing to lose, and you may also experience a great sense of achievement if you can improvise and solve your problem ...Oh, and you get to keep your $30

  • Im wondering if I can haphazardly install the fanshroud I have with 1 screw only and just keep a eye on it? How important is the fan shroud being securely fitted to the drive? If i sent you the file could you print one for me and I can send you 20 buck via paypal for shipping materials and time? or 30 what ever you think it will take?

  • I've no idea what this shroud looks like, but could you not make a temporary shroud out of stout card (e.g. picture mount card) by cutting out pieces and gluing them together?

    This may allow you to print your own. You may need to print a second shroud with the first one fitted (and so on) until you get acceptable results.

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