My Ender 3 v2 keeps freezing on every print

  • Hello everyone,
    I'm new here and just got my printer last week. I've had a few successful prints and decided to do a few upgrades. I just upgraded to a BL Touch 3.1 and upgraded the firmware and also calibrated the Z offset. All was good up until this point. I went to go and print something (first thing printing since installing the BL Touch) and every time I try, it freezes. I tried to print a ring as part of a filament feeder, and it froze at 30%. I've also tried a few other things and they all froze.

    I just tried reflashing the latest firmware, still same.

  • @mistryp Can you confirm by printing the same object that the freeze point is random? If not random then the issue likely lies within the gcode, either its generation or the printers response to a command. If random then start looking at all the connections and maybe separate the BL Touch cables from the others (might be picking up noise). Also, watch the nozzle and bed temperatures. They should be stable, if not the printer might stop thinking it's going into thermal run away.

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