Why are you not shipping to Kickstarter backers who also ordered CR-6 Max?

  • Why are you skipping over shipments to Kickstarter backers who ordered the CR-6 SE and also the CR-6 Max? There are several people who backed the CR-6 SE on Kickstarter and also ordered the CR-6 Max.

    We were contacted by Crealty and asked if we wanted our CR-6 SE to be shipped many months later when the CR-6 Max was ready to ship. We all said NO, we wanted our CR-6 SE as soon as possible.

    • We all completed the Pledgebox survey long before the deadline
    • We all said we wanted our CR-6 SE when they were shipped to everyone else
    • We ordered add-on, so we knew we would have to wait until orders with add-ons started shipping (even though you still aren't shipping the add-ons).

    Now we see that we were skipped over in the last 4 shipments to the United States even though we should have been included in those shipments.

    We've reported this problem to Creality through multiple channels and have either been ignored with no response, or we received a response that tried to blame us for the problem by saying things that were not true (that we must have submitted our Pledgebox survey after the deadline).

    Why are you punishing CR-6 SE backers who also ordered the CR-6 Max. We were your best customers and you treat us the worst!

  • @admin
    This is the 3rd time I've asked you to tell me what the problem is with my information that has prevented you from shipping my CR-6 SE on time.

    Creality did not send me any emails telling me there was a problem with my information, and I've checked my information in PledgeBox and it is correct, so unless you can tell me what the problem is, it feels like this is another excuse for trying to avoid taking responsibility for not shipping my CR-6 SE when you should have.

    If there is a problem I need to fix, please tell me what it is so I can fix it.

    If there is a problem on your side, please fix it, ship my printer and send me the tracking #.

  • @JA
    Asking again....what is the problem with my information?

    Why hasn't my printer shipped?

    Please don't tell me that I was late submitting the survey, because I have the emails from the survey confirmation from mid-June proving that is not true.

    It has been more than 1 month since I first reported that you skipped over my backer # on August 21, when my printer SHOULD have shipped.

    While I appreciate someone from Creality responding, I would appreciate it more if someone from Creality would actually DO something to get my printer shipped. You've wasted a month of my time and your time and still nothing has been accomplished. I would think you would like to SUCCESSFULLY resolve problems like mine instead of dragging them on for many weeks with incomplete and inaccurate responses.

  • @admin
    Please tell me what the problem is with my information!

    I only received one email from Creality regarding my pledge. Since I had ordered BOTH a CR-6 SE and a CR-6 Max, they asked if I wanted to delay shipment of the CR-6 SE until the CR-6 Max was ready to ship. I said "NO, do not delay shipment of my CR-6 SE". They confirmed and said they would ship my CR-6 SE as soon as possible.

    Nobody from Creality has sent any emails to me saying there was a problem with my information.

    NOTE: I've talked to several other backers on Kickstarter who also ordered a CR-6 SE and CR-6 Max, received the same email and have also been skipped over in the shipping process. So the problem appears that Creality is refusing to ship CR-6 printers to backers who also purchased a CR-6 Max and not a problem with our information.

    So if there is a problem with my information, which I doubt, then please tell me what the problem is so I can fix it. But NOBODY from Creality has sent me any emails telling me there is a problem with my information.

    As I originally said in this thread:

    1. I completed the Pledgebox survey in mid-June, long before the deadline.

    2. I'm in the US

    3. I ordered add-ons.

    4. I'm backer #3558

    My CR-6 SE should have shipped with the August 21 batch, but it is one month later and it still hasn't shipped. Now you tell me there is a problem with my info, but won't tell me what that problem is. Nobody else from Creality has sent me an email regarding any problems with my information.

    This is just another unnecessary delay that doesn't provide any useful information. If there is a problem with my information, then tell me what it is. If there is not a problem with my information, then please provide a tracking number for my printer.

  • Dear @Amnesiac

    Your CR-6 SE had been shipped. I checked the pledge box show no update for the tracking number. Please be patient, if it updates, we will have noticed here. Thanks for your support.

  • Dear @JA

    I have checked your number, it seems that your information has some problem, please check the email if you received an email from Creality to check your information?

  • Um no not all Americans have been shipped i am backer 11,050 and i still have not received anything about tracking. Oh and I only ordered the 6 SE

  • @admin
    Can you please reply with my tracking number? It has been weeks since I reached out for help when my backer number was skipped and still no help...just worthless responses that don’t fix the problem or explain why I and others who also ordered CR-6 Max were skipped over.

  • @admin
    I am backer #53 and have had the same experience as @JA . I was contacted via email asking if I would prefer to have my CR-6 SE shipped prior to or at the same time as my CR-6 MAX. I responded asking to have the CR-6 SE shipped prior to the release of the MAX ASAP. After this email and response, I have had no response from Creality on any other emails or Kickstarter messages. Can someone please let me know when my printer will ship? The update stating all US backers with adons has been shipped is a false statement. I am one of the first backers and still do not have my printer. I am not sure what the point of backing this product early really is at this point.

  • @admin
    I am backer number 53 and have had the same experience as @JA . I was asked if I would like my CR-6-SE shipped ASAP or with the Max and I chose to have the SE shipped ASAP. Since this brief communication there has been no response to my multiple inquiry's on shipping status. All US backers with add-ons have not been shipped as Creality claims. Can you please respond to my emails, Kickstarter messages, and/or this post with an update? I have no tracking info in pledge box. So far being in the first group of backers has had no benefit and this experience has been on a steady decline.

  • @admin
    I still have no tracking # in Pledgebox and no other notification that my CR-6 SE has shipped even though it should have shipped in the August 21st batch based on my backer #3558 and location in the US).

    The last batch (Sept 9) is now only shipping to European backers, so you have still skipped over my printer even though it should have shipped nearly 3 weeks ago.

    While I've been told that someone has arranged shipping, that was over 7 days ago and it still doesn't look like anything has really happened. It really shouldn't take so long to provide a tracking number unless there isn't a tracking number because my printer still has not been sent.

  • @JA

    Dear, thanks for your suggestions. I have sent this to the customer service manager, she will follow it.

    For the shipping of your product, we haven't received the updates from our agency. I will keep this in mind, if we got the information, we will update here. Thank you.

  • @admin
    Sorry to keep asking, but I've been checking my Pledgebox account for the last 3 days for a tracking number and there is still no tracking number.

    Can you please find out what my tracking number is and let me know so I know when to expect the printer?

    Thank you!

  • @admin
    Thank you very much for your help!

    Regarding emails sent to kickstartersupport@creality.com...I just wanted to let you know that over the past 2-3 weeks I sent two emails (and 2 messages directly through Kickstarter) and:

    1. It took several days to get a response to each email (the last response was this morning)

    2. The response I received was EXACTLY the same for both emails, showing that the person responding to these emails is just sending the same response to everyone.

    3. The response I received did not respond to any of the things I said in my email. Instead, it blamed me for my printer not shipping by saying if it didn't ship when it should have, it was because I did something wrong..such as not completing my pledge box form on time (even though I said in my email I had completed it on time).

    4. The response appears to have been written 3 or 4 weeks ago because it was talking about things that already happened 2 weeks ago as if they were going to happen in the future. The person respond to the emails must be pasting the same response to all customer emails.

    I mention this because even if my problem has been resolved, whoever is responding to the emails sent to kickstartersupport@creality.com is not doing a very good job and is causing more problems than they are fixing by sending inappropriate responses to the emails from customers.

    I believe you want to fix our problems, so I'm letting you know about this problem because it sounds like everyone thinks that email address is being handled correctly and it is not.

    Thank you again for your help.

  • @admin
    Thank you looking into this for me and glad to hear that my printer has been arranged to ship. Will the tracking number appear in my Pledgebox account or will it be sent to me some other way?

  • Dear @JA

    Our email only for CR-6 SE and will respond to you in 24 hours is kickstartersupport@creality.com.
    We really appreciate your support.

  • Dear @JA

    I have checked your backer number with our colleague, your googs have arranged the shipping, the tracking number will update you as soon as possible.

  • @admin "Until today, all American With Add-ons Have Been Shipped!"

    To be very clear, I told Creality I wanted my CR-6 SE as soon as possible and that I did NOT want to wait.

    But my backer #3558 has still been skipped over in the last 4 batches and there is no shipping information in Pledgebox. This looks like Creality ignored my message even though they replied to it saying they understood I wanted my CR-6 SE as soon as possible.

    And since I'm also in the United States, your message says my printer SHOULD have shipped...but I have no tracking number and my backer # has not been listed as shipped.

    Can you PLEASE look into this. I am not the only person who ordered the the CR-6 SE and the CR-6 Max and are still waiting for our CR-6 SE to ship.

    I've sent multiple emails and the only response I've received makes it clear the person responding isn't even reading the emails or the responses he is sending because their response has little to do with my email and is referring to things that happened 3 weeks ago as if they are going to happen in the future.

  • Dear @JA

    Thanks for your support and patience. As the CR-6 MAX arranged to be manufactured after CR-6 SE, it will be the Mid of October. If people wait for the two products shipping together, it will wait for a long time. We truly appreciate your patience, and we take care all our customers. Until today, all American With Add-ons Have Been Shipped! I think you will received your printer soon. Thank you.

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