Ender 6 and CWB

  • So, I just installed the Creality Wifi Box on my ender 6 and it seems to be powering the printer when it is switched off. The screen is on and interactive. Is there a way I can keep off being off without pulling the plug on the CWB everytime I want to shut down the printer?

  • I found the same problem and I think I bunked the wifi box in the process. I had the wifi box on without the printer on and it was doing the same thing and then just stopped working. I got a second wifi box and use a switch to turn both on a the same time or you could use a power bar. Not ideal. Will try the cut the +5 Volt lead on the usb cable. I'm guessing without looking at the link below that you have to hack a cable and reconnect wires...I don't want to that crap lol. I can. But I shouldn't have to hack a cable. Creality should know better as a manufacturer to investigate this or put in electronics to prevent feedback. It happened to me and yourself so its not a new thing. Any updates on this would be appreciated. I really don't want to buy more junk to hack junk to get junk to work. It should just work.

  • The problem is that the Creality printer controller is connected to the 5V supply in your wifi box, but there probably isn't enough power available to properly power the 3D printer (i.e. controller + heaters + motors).

    A simple solution is to cut the 5V wire in the USB cable. See my post: http://captainbodgit.blogspot.com/2021/05/3d-printer-isolating-usb-5volt-feed.html