Creality Official is no longer addressing posts on kickstarter?

  • Creality, you asked us to back you on Kickstarter. Why have you stopped addressing the comments on your updates on Kickstarter?
    Not everyone uses Twitter or Facebook.

    Every backer on Kickstarter uses Kickstarter. Please start addressing the real questions and comments there. Copy them to other social media sites if you want, but we invested in you. Be decent enough to talk with us where you KNOW you can reach us.

  • I can attest that the email hasn’t been particularly helpful, although part of that is they didn’t really understand what I was trying to tell them. I forwarded the UPS claim info saying my package was not delivered due to a shipping error, but then I got the form letter back and it wasn’t until 4 days later that I got an actual response. Fortunately, UPS was able to fix the issue themselves, so I have my CR-6SE now, but if I had to rely on the folks on the email box, I don’t think I could have gotten anywhere.

  • @admin
    Thank you for your response. I posted about this problem in another thread with more information that should be helpful to you, but it does sound like you aware of the problem and are making changes.

  • Dear @JA

    We have feedback this kind of information to our manager, and this would be changed, as we have add a specific team to answer the email. Thank you. We are trying to be grow up in this kind of issues, and we will be better in the further, Thanks for your suggestion.

  • @admin
    You might want to talk to the person responding to emails sent to because they clearly aren't reading the emails from backers.

    Also, the response they are sending appears to be the same for everyone and is still talking about "shipments with add-ons will start shipping on August 20"....something that happened over 2 weeks ago!

    If the person isn't going to even read the emails, they should just setup an auto-reply with the same worthless response so people don't have to wait 1-2 weeks for it. Then they can post something here and hopefully get a useful response.

  • Dear @Will-in-MN

    We have specialized colleagues who answer the KS questions every day. And I have sent your post and suggestions to our manager, we will put more attention on KS, Thank you

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