New motherboard CR6-SE

  • Received a new motherboard from Creality as their firmware could not get to display in English and their alternative firmware had heat levels set at 0 hearing bed would generate an error

    Now new motherboard installed and new formware on display and motherboard onss are installed

    Still display is on Chinese and when I try to change to English only main screen changes all other screens are Chinese and when I go back to main screen it’s in Chinese again!!!

    More importantly the leveling is an issues where the x axis hits the plate sensors trigger but ot keeps trying to push lower and lower which makes a loud clanging noise.

    Creality support have asked me to check the sensors which I have and all it’s will

    The old motherboard did not have any such issues it printed fine just that display was in Chinese and when new firmware was installed the heat bed levels were at zero and generated errors when hearing

    Any ideas

    Could it be the two tiny sets of wires tp right corner is there where the sensor data is sent to mother board ???

  • maybe it would be useful to mention in posts like this which firmware files/versions you're talking about, and where you got them from.

    but yes it does smell quite strongly of a wrong/faulty wiring connection.

  • Hi,
    I´m confused cause I could not find your problem.
    I have 2 CR-6 SE and one of them were updated with a new board, a new hot end board, a PEI and more. After installing all of them I flashed the board and display to That´s all, it works perfectly.