Halot Sky Wifi Connection

  • I have just setup my new Halto Sky and finished my test print. The detail is amazing.
    However, I connected it to my wifi network-it says it is connected, but I cannot find it on my network. When I scan the qrcode on the Bind button, it says it cannot be found. Is there a way that I can look at the menu and see the details of the wifi connection such as the ip address, the name, etc so I can connect it to the Creality Cloud app?

  • Dear @TDesigner

    1, does not support 5G WiFi
    2, update the latest firmware from the official website: https://www.creality.com/download

    If the problem is not solved, please provide the following information to our cs@creality.com,
    1, provide the machine ID, version of the photo, click on the printer's "About / About", take a photo, and
    2, provide a photo of the binding QR code, note that the picture can be scanned, not reflective

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