Ender 5 Plus Z axle not Working !!

  • Hello, I have an Ender 5 plus that the Z axle is not working at all. It doesn't go up and down either .. I have taken the motor apart and been the tester on my Ender 5 PRO and the motor is working great.
    I have looked at the firmware and it is the 1.70.2 BL the last one available on the site ..
    I need now to check the voltage at the connector and at the connector of the board I would like to know if you have voltage specifications I thought I read on the internet 4V?
    And I would like to know if you have any means to test the electric board? Know if the board is scrap or not.

    thank you in advance

  • Dear @bydripz

    Ender 5 plus, Z-axis drive voltage is 0.82-0.85, we suggest you test the electric board directly.