Stringing Issue on one side 1

  • Hi All
    I got an ender 6 since some weeks and I can't get rid of stringing issues....
    I have tried a lot of things like :

    • moving the extruder position to be nearer of the head
    • unmounting and greasing it
    • calibrate extruder
    • check filament temperature
    • check nozzle (even try mounting an NF head instead but result was worse than stock one, don't know what i've done wrong)
    • checking belt tension
    • playing with retraction speed,length, travel speed...

    but no real improvement, I still have a lot a stringing, more or less depending of retraction settings, but what is definitily weird is that i have far more on only 1 side:

    sorry for image quality my cell camear is not really good 😞

    some extra info:

    • using PLA
    • using cura 4.9.1 with modified ender 5 profile (but got same result using creality version)
    • speed:150mm/s
    • travel speed:300mm
    • retraction speed 30mm/s
    • retraction length:8mm
    • no z-hop

    thanks in advance

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