Newbie Ender 5 Plus BLTouch home position wrong

  • Hi guys, I am completely new to here, and 3D printing. I just put together my Ender 5 Plus, and went ahead and installed the silent board per seeing many recommendations. My 5+ came with the BLtouch pre-installed. When I started the printer, everything pre-heated fine, and I sent it to the home position fine, so the next step was to try the auto level. I pushed the measurement button and it ran through the cycle of taking the 16 measurements. Next I pushed the Auxiliary button, and it went to re-home the nozzle, but when it does, it locates the nozzle approximately 1 inch away from the front edge of the print bed, halfway across, instead of in the center of the print bed. Then if I try to take the #1-5 measurements, it will try to move to the #1 spot, which moves the print head to the very front left corner of the machine, dropping the BLToch sensor and nozzle off of the bed, which caused the bed to raise up and hit the nozzle and then the print head tried to move and scratched the glass, before I could turn the power off. When I turn the printer back on and hit re-home, it re-homes to normal, but anytime I try to use the auto leveler, it re-homes to front center. Is this a firmware issue? Can anyone please give me some guidance, as it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Damon

  • @rescuer135
    Sounds a bit like
    where using a new micro SD card solved it in that case. Maybe somebody can explain why.

  • Dear @rescuer135

    I have sent your question to our after-sales team, they suggest you send an email to and they will send you the right firmware and tutorial. Thank you for supporting.