New Ender 3 v2 Bed and plate crooked

  • Why does this look so off??

    I removed the bed and tightened the screws on the rollers a tad, but the left side still has a larger gap and the right rollers look toed in. When leveling the center of the left will rub while the front and back have a gap.

    ![alt text](Enderv2

  • Hi Goatar,

    I've had a look at you photo and I think I may have something for you to look at.
    I noticed that on one side the springs where not as compressed as the other side.
    I know that this was done to make the bed perpendicular to the nozzle as it travels along the X gantry.
    however, this will lead you to have some interesting features in your prints as the top and bottom laters would not be 90 degrees to your sides.

    the X gantry is held in place with 2 screws at either end that you have to fix to the lead screw assembly and the slide assembly when you build you V2.
    I have had a few issues with this arrangement myself as you can set the gantry askew quite easily and this throws off the level of the nozzle and bed alignment.
    I had to measure between the left and right upright to get this level and then locked it in place with the fixing screws.
    it was not easy and Creality would benefit by making this assembly lock together in order to reduce this miss alignment issue.
    after I'd done this my bed level has been great and I've had no issues with alignment or levelling since.

    also make sure that when you adjust the guide wheels on the cams that you do so in small increments, test for play and that they slide without too much drag.

    I ended up getting the Z axis lead screw upgrade so i could fit the micro swiss direct drive to my machine.
    this also allowed me to precisely set up the X gantry to within 0.06mm to the frame.
    this upgrade strops the X gantry drooping while it is traveling up or down.

    hope this helps.

  • @admin I got it straightened out when I added the cr touch and had to take things apart.

    With the touch added the prints look good but take 4-5 times longer. Thought maybe -1.50 offset could be issue since it not a multiple of 4, so I just adjusted to -1.48 during a print and hopefully it will speed up.

  • Dear @Goatar

    First, please check whether the hotbed will shake, if it shakes, adjust the hotbed eccentric nut, and then leveling.

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