Be careful with your sd cards

  • This may seem obvious to everyone, but me, but I made a doozie of a mistake yesterday.

    Needed to use some new slices, so I organized everything just they way I needed them, carefully named everything, grabbed an SD card copied them over and went to the printer loaded the card and BSOD

    Windows errors followed me into printing..,.

    Nothing on the display at all, no lights no beeps nothing, screen lit blue and nada.

    So after stressing out for a bit I hit the net and there's was no such error noted!

    So I stuck my card in my laptop to copy everything off and that's when I realized this wasn't a blank SD card as I thought.

    I have a 1\2dozen SBC's I use for various projects, this card had been flashed with a recent copy of volumio for the raspberry pi.

    Realizing creality had made flashing their new firmware SO easy leads me to believe that it started to load what it read and then barfed.

    Downloaded the newest firmware copied it over and boom I have a working display.

    Now today I believe I need to edit it properly for my printer and hopefully I will have a working printer.
    I'll let you know!