Ender 5 Plus New Bid Z Offset

  • Hi Folk,

    I think, reading upon other posts, Creality really needs to revisit the z-offset.

    I am hoping mine is not an SDCARD issue but I think it may be.

    I am having trouble with black PLA sticking, All light color PLA works great, my level and offset "WAS" perfect.

    I removed the glass and put on a 1/16" Al plate with a buildtak surface. Used this on my old printer and it was awesome.

    Trying to reset the Z offset and using the leveling to try and re-teach and it rams into my nozzle every time.

    It is less thick then the glass and now I have my bed at my lowest point and it does the same thing.

    What is the best method?

  • Fixed. I had to start a print, then press the z offset to get to zero. Then with bed already lowered it then homed without hitting. I could then start the leveling and z offset process over from scratch.

  • I have a BL Touch with my Ender 5 Plus BTW.

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