CR-10 Smart auto shutdown not working

  • ![0_1625475341471_PXL_20210705_060855349.jpg](Uploading 100%) My CR-10 Smart does not shutdown automatically after printing is finished, there is no option for this in the menu's.

    I upgraded the firmware from 1.06 > 1.07, but still nothing. I upgraded both the main board, and the display unit (why, oh why does this need to be done independently from the main unit, that screen connector is not going to last)

    I do notice that my screenshots are different than those shown in the firmware upgrade video, there is an option on that video to enable the shutdown, I had hoped the v1.7 upgrade would give me that, but no luck.

    Does anyone have this option available, and do you have the same screen setup as this?

    ![0_1625475255432_PXL_20210705_060826965.jpg](Uploading 100%)
    ![0_1625475310446_PXL_20210705_060901896.jpg](Uploading 100%) ![0_1625475370805_PXL_20210705_060847519.jpg](Uploading 75%) ![0_1625475403949_PXL_20210705_060838214.jpg](Uploading 38%)

  • @BaDboD the auto shut down is situated under first menu, i have firmware 1.0.6 but hè die not work

  • Hope you guys have figured this out already, but for those who haven't, the auto shutdown menu only appears after you've started the print from the SD card (to me at least), as in starting the print from the machine and not the cloud app. After you start the print, you can tap on the section where the nozzle temp, bed temp, speed, and Z offset settings are displayed and a new menu should appear with the auto-shutdown function. The auto-shutdown option is not available if you print over the Creality Cloud app.

    Also, another useful tip is the bed wobbles when it's in the middle, to fix this, I've loosened the allen key bolts that holds the rails down, there's 6 bolts in total. Re-tighten the bolts again, not too tight, and the rails will flex outwards slightly, ridding you of the bed wobble. Tightening the wheel that holds the nozzle housing is needed as well. Hope this helps! First time 3d printer owner here and my prints have been awesome, super happy with the CR-10 Smart 😊

  • @Raymond812 you need to press and HOLD the power button until the CREALITY logo disappears and the main screen is displayed. You will find the CREALITY logo animation freezes while the update is happening, but it doesn't take long approx. 15 - 20 seconds

  • @admin @frozy @BaDboD unless I am missing something obvious then this still does not work. This nozzle icon you have highlighted is not a 'button', pressing it does not give access to any settings. The 'set temp' section for the nozzle temperature does not contain any settings for an auto-shutdown.

    Please show video/screenshots of how to enable this function as many of us on here do not seem able to get it working

  • Dear@all

    For the auto shutdown function, please check the picture, the setting button is in the Nozzle temperature. Please check in, and you will find the auto-shutdown setting.

    We will take a video tutorial for setting auto shutdown function.


  • on my Cr-10 smart ı have the same issiue. I don’t have any auto shutdown option on menu and printer does not shut down after printing. İt says will shut down automaticly after 30 minutes. My printer doesn t shut down at all. And for sure wifi is completely useless. İ am really disapointed with this printer. Non of the function does work as promised even the auto bed leveling needs adjustments. Everytime i am changing the filament i need to readjust leveling. Printer prints okey but definitly not smart at all !!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm having trouble to flash the firmware to HW 1.07

    I download the firmware CR-10 Smart_HW-CRC2405V1.2_SW-V1.07T19.bin file.

    I format the SD card to FAT32 and only put the CR-10 Smart_HW-CRC2405V1.2_SW-V1.07T19.bin file on the card.

    Printer is off and inserted the SD card and turn the power switch on and press the power on button.
    Wait for about 5 to 10 seconds the printer boots up but it didn't do anything for the firmware update.

    On the PDF instruction the file format is the .bin but in the video tutorial clip it's .hex
    I'm not too sure do I need to change the file format?

    Any suggestion?

  • wow, go big or go home 🙂 looking good, yeh, a little stringing, not sure if you could clear that up with a tad more retraction or slightly lower temps but.... but the smooth finish looks real good, should clean up nice regardless.

    I sorta found a way to set wifi settings now, but still no way to connect desktop to printer, and some factory assembly issues so between the unable to connect to the printer and waiting for replacement parts, still have not been able to print with mine yet. I dont use mobiles 'n apps so the wifi is a real disappointment at the moment as there is no other way to connect, if I can get it working then looks promising for print quality. THX for the picture.

  • @BaDboD I did, although it took several attempts. Can't say for sure what 'fixed' it but I think the issue I was having was that at some point in setting up the WiFi my phone would disconnect from the printer (guess the internal network goes offline briefly) and re-connect to my house WiFi. I think I ended up making my house network not auto-connect, that allowed my phone to re-connect to the printer during its' setup.

    Disappointed to not have the auto-shutdown working, I've done a couple of long prints (24hr+) and that would be a nice feature, especially as it's one of the points they keep mentioning in the promo material. The YouTube video showing how to upgrade the firmware has a different interface, and an auto-shutdown option, not sure why we don't get that, anyone from Creality monitor this chat able to answer?

    On the plus side, I've had a few nice prints so far! This still needs a bit of a tidy up, but for a print in progress I was happy with it


  • looks exactly same as mine, and no, I dont got any auto shut down option, bit suprised at complete lack of options to be honest.

    Did you get wifi working?

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