Setting up, problems with stringing and separation

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    As can be seen from the test prints, the stringing is pretty heavy and there is separation as well. It is my understanding that to eliminate stringing, I need to reduce the head temperature, but to eliminate separation, I need to increase it.

    My temps are:
    My extruder settings are:
    I am using the PrusaSlicer as I had issues with the Creality slicer.

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

  • Dear jordanthompson,

    The problem of stringing is caused by several factors, please lower the temperature of the nozzle first to improve the phenomenon of stringing; then check the bottom pulley of the hot bed in the Y-axis direction and the surface of the profile for defects; move the hot bed manually to see if it is loose and adjust the tightness of the lower belt.

  • @jordanthompson your retraction length/distance seems to be mistakenly entered as the same as lift z.

    If the extruder moves back 0.3mm, the filament down in the nozzle (with all that length in the bowden in between) hardly moves. It reaches the end of retract and then can sit there and ooze.

    Try >5mm at <50mm/s

    Some good info here
    You can vary retraction settings in one print with that gcode generator.

    By the way, the latest version of Cura should also work better than Creality Slicer, which is an older version of Cura that's been renamed.

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