Do the add-ons's ship separately?

  • Hey guys,

    I just set up the unit, but haven't switched it on and started the initial setup (need to make room for it on the desk first). It seems the only extras I received in the printer unit's shipping box was the stretch goals (0.4mm nozzle x 10 and 0.4mm PTFE tube x 1).

    NONE of the add-ons I purchased (Extruder Kit x 1, Copper Plate and Harden Steel Nozzle Kit x 1, PEI Build Plate x 1, MK Nozzle - MK Nozzle:0.4mm x 2) arrived with the unit.

    Are the add-ons supposed to be shipped WITH the unit or in another package by itself?

    I sure do hope they are mailed separately, or else Creality forgot all of my add-ons.


  • Dear @vipertv

    I have checked with our colleague, your add-ons will ship to you by express delivery, and we will send you the tracking number, please don't worry. Have a nice day.

  • @admin
    Kickstarter Backer#: 2425
    Serial#: P202J08k00132

  • Dear @vipertv
    Please provide your Backer Number, I will let our colleague check it and feedback you. Thank you

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