CR 6 MAX & Cura nightmare

  • I have to say that I totally hate my new CR 6 MAX, and I'm about to throw it out the window, but before I do, can someone please help me?

    No matter where I look, I can't find this printers profile to enter into Cura. (It isn't in Cura drop down menu), I've tried modifying the CR 6 SE settings to a 400 x 400 x 400 but once I've sliced the file, and print it, the hot end goes out of limit trying to print the file down the side and on the floor (and the belts make a horrible noise).

    Luckily I got it on eBay, and can send it back. Such a huge disappointment, I was so excited about getting this, but I just completely hate the thing now, after going around and around and around and around in circles

  • Hello, @Djaye You can enter Creality official website and download slicing software. Most of the slicing software in official website adapt to machine models we are using, and you can also add the machine models of CR-6SE. this is our official website link: Https://
    The default printing size of CR-6SE is 235x235x250. When you set the value of 400x400x400, this value has exceeded the normal printing range; Therefore, when moving, it will exceed the moving range, causing the belt to be stuck in the extreme position all the time, and the motor will also shake; So reset the parameters to the appropriate print size, and do not exceed this range.

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