Centre print job on plate

  • Ender 5 Pro : Very new user. If I print the test files, all is well, they are printed in the middle of the hot plate. Nothing I create will do that. They always print in the far right corner and you only get the left half of the job.

    Clearly its a settings issue but which one??

  • I use the latest Cura Slice 4.10.0 which should be the same as the Creality Slicer. After I load the STL file, You can click on Edit on the top, and then click on Arrange All Models. Your models will be centered.

  • When you open your 3D creation (i.e. your .stl file) in your slicer software and then slice, does the image appear in the middle or in the right corner?

    Basically, you should be able to position your creation in the slicer software display before slicing.

    You may also need to check that the bed dimensions in your slicer software match the actual 3D printer bed size, e.g. X (width), Y (depth) & Z (height)

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