LD 002H Z height tolerance issue

  • So I've bought myself a resin printer, the LD 002H.

    the printer works well and I've been printing the usual models and figures perfectly fine with good success.

    however, I've been working on a small project and after printing some of the items and assembling them together I've noticed that the height of my prints where slightly out.
    one of the parts was 0.7mm high in the model, the printed part was 0.4mm high?
    I changed the drawing of the part to 1mm and the printed part was 0.63mm?
    I printed a part that was 8mm high and the printed part was 7.2mm?

    I've recalibrated several times and even changed the FEP but nothing is changing what I get out of the printer.

    I've looked through my slicer (chitubox) and cant find anything that would affect the z height?
    the z layers when you calculate them would signify that all is working correctly.
    0.7mm = 15 layers according to the slicer. (15x0.05=0.75mm real world)

    even when you take into account the shrinkage of the resin when cured (at 3%) this would not explain the height difference of this amount.

    so I'm stumped.
    if anyone has experienced this or has something i can try please let me know.

  • Atamico, did you follow the levelling video from Creality?
    it shows that levelling is done without the Vat in place ad that the bed should be set to the glass.
    (this is slightly worrying as it is easy to damage the glass this way.)
    it also sets the bed height wrong!
    I found that having the Vat in place levels the bed to the actual zero point in the Vat and not on the glass.
    this will stop you from damaging the FEP as you will be technically ramming the bed into the FEP.
    (when i did this i then sent the bed to hone and watched in horror as i saw the whole Z height tower and arm flex slightly as it bottomed out!)

    I'm my case I found it was necessary to add a sheet of standard paper to set my bed level correctly and am now getting much better print height tolerances.
    it is always slightly lower than it should be but i can live with this.

  • @driftrotor Good night, do you think this setting can help solve my problem with fep being damaged early (1 or 2 printed)?

    alt text

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