Printer not printing at all..?

  • I received my Ender 3 V2 18 days ago and haven't had any success with printing, leveling, slicer settings. Anything. It is hard not to throw it againt the wall. I have installed a new aluminum extruder, boden tube and bl touch. I have manually and automatically leveled the bed well over 100 times and I still can't get a good print. I clean and replace nozzles between failed prints and can't figure anything out. I sit there for hours on end adjusting my z offset and leveling it every night without prevail. Anything I can be missing? I want to return it before I get too frustrated but I don't want to give up. I have adjusted my extrusion rate to be spot on as well

  • I bought the same printer as yours. I even bought the bed leveling kit. I have so much trouble with the printer that I tell myself this should not be this hard. I return the printer and bought a Creality SR-10s Pro V2. It comes with automatic bed leveling, a touch screen, and a larger printing volume. My trouble was over. Sure the newer print cost more but well worth the extra money. At least the assemble only take 4 screws for the vertical columns and 2 screws for the spool holder. I can start printing within an hour after opening the box.

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