Bed Adhesion Issue

  • I have tried everything. I can't get the filament to stick to the bed right. It starts to print, then when it moves, the filament seems to follow the nozzle and makes a mess. Any good sites or related articles that can help?

    I am at my end of dealing with this machine. About to send it back to Amazon and buy something else.

    Don't know if you can tell what the issue is but any help would greatly be appreciated.

    I do not have this issue with my Prusa.

  • I always have problems with the red filaments. I have two different red filaments. For red filaments, I always put on an adhesion skirt around the model. It will take some time for the skirt to print. While printing the skirt, I adjust the Z-axis high until the printout looks OK. If the filament does not stick, I lower the Z-axis or if the printout is too thin I raise the Z-axis. I have a Creality CR-10 Pro V2. If I print from the SD card, after the printing starts, I can go to adjustment and change the Z-axis high with 0.01 mm increment until the skirt prints right. However, if I print from the computer via the USB port from the Cura Slicer, the print adjustment feature will not be available on the printer. I would then first set the printer at Leveling screen where I can adjust the Z-axis at 0.1 mm increment up or down while printing the skirt.

  • @jgates19966 unfortunately, if you've tried everything, there is indeed nothing else you can do 😝

    Can be frustrating but it takes experimenting... Even different colours of the same filament type/brand on the same printer can behave differently.
    Some are more sensitive to settings than others. Keep track of exactly what you've tried and what works/doesn't (especially around temperatures).

    Lots of resources out there. I like this one or youtube.
    Good luck

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