BlTouch is going to break my plate (help)

  • So I purchased a BlTouch for my Ender 3 v2. After installing new firmware from creality and setting up the bltouch I pressed autohome and the nozzle kept going down pressing on the plate, so I had to turn it off because it was either going to break my plate or break my nozzle.

    Checked all the wires are pressed correctly andthe firmware is for the correct version for my board which is 4.2.2

  • @Daraenor 1. check the connection of BL-touch and feed back the wiring picture
    2. Observe whether BL-touch has extended and retracted three times when restarting
    3. Adjust the screw on the top of BL-touch
    4. Replace the spare probe
    5. Check whether the hot bed is leveled, if not, please re-level the hot bed
    6. Bind the wire of heating pipe and BL-touch cable separately
    Ender-3 V2主板.png

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