New Ender 5 Plus acts like its printing but nothing comes out

  • Newbie here! We have an Ender 5 Plus that the filament is loaded. It acts like it is printing (one of the stock prints on the included TF Card) but nothing is coming out the extruder. The bed is moving, nozzle is moving etc. We can force filament out the extruder but nothing actually prints. What are we doing wrong?

  • Well, it was something simple. The leveling of the bed was off. Thank goodness and thanks for the reply

  • @smithkellyj is the extruder stepper motor moving? maybe you can see the gear wheel turning, trying to pull the filament into the bowden tube.

    there are lots of tips in this video, but i think 3 main things to check for:

    1. if you can see the motor shaft turning but the drive gear/wheel isn't, and it is slipping like here the only thing he didn't mention is that the set-screw should be lined up against the flat spot of the motor shaft.

    2. if the drive gear/wheel is turning, but the filament isn't grabbing, maybe the screw holding the pivot arm is too tight, and is keeping it from grabbing the filament:

    3. or maybe need to adjust the spring tension:

    if nothing there is turning, then maybe the extruder wiring isn't done right.

    any of that help?

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