CR-6 Power Switch Failures

  • Hi,

    On facebook are a lot of people experiencing power switch failures. I assume from the update on kickstarter this is a known issue.

    Will the switches be replaced and from which batch can we expect reliable power switches?

    If we know which batch has good switches people can stop replacing these by default.

    Thank you in advance

  • Has anyone else had any other things on the main board smoke. ?
    Mine had the SMD Fuse F3 and the SMD chip U9 near the USB port both burn up.
    This was after having the USB plugged in for about 20 minutes, then smoke time.


  • Just wanted to update this chain. A month has passed and still no actual fix. I've been in contact with someone via email and they said they would send it to an engineer but that was over 2 weeks ago and no update. I've tried replying a few times and they still haven't gotten back to me.

    Ridiculous that I paid for this product and have had it over a month and a half and not been able to use it. About to just demand a refund.

  • backer 3115 same issues email bounced back to me, @admin please assist!

  • "I did get extra teflon tube and optical senor"

    Ya one that gives false positives everytime you setup a giant print. So tired of it.

  • Dear @Starkiller
    For the CR-6 SE issues, our public email address is
    We need to check the picture, as there may be other problems to make your 3d printer not work. It does not escape the problem. Please be patient, if you send it to the right email address, our colleague will feedback you as soon as possible.

  • @Starkiller I totally agree with your statement. Im still waiting over a week to get an answer. This delay causes me to lose money on my bussiness everyday that I wait for an answer. @admin the cost in material is pennies versus the cost that we pay for your product. Its easier to just replace all printers/parts in defective batch. Im still waiting for an answer to my issue aswell..

  • Emailed the Kickstartersupport email just like they said with pictures and haven't had any response. That has been 4 days ago now. What does it take to get professional support for a product I paid for? Even just a response that said we'll look into your issue or we've created a ticket would be acceptable. Then at least I'd know someone was looking at it and it just didn't slip through the cracks.

  • @admin also, I have pictures of the broken power switch, showing where the switch contact was burned due to arcing when trying to make the connection flipping the toggle switch.

  • @admin I don't feel comfortable sending my email address in a public forum. Where can I send this to you in a private message?

  • I emailed several day ago to the creality website support, they emailed back, wanting a video of a broken switch, They should just send out switches, no one is going to try and get a free switch for no reason. IT IS A KNOWN failure, just replace them and save all the emails back and forth, that way you have time to help people with the hard problems.
    Creality needs to THINK EASIER not make it hard for them and us. They are creating their own mess, They KNOW what are the problems, just ADMIT it and fix them. Your reputation would be better, you are losing FACE in the way you are handling this mess.
    All I want is a switch, I shouldn't have to go buy one to see if that is the Problem, broken switch is easy to figure out. It works or it doesn't
    Also no purchased extras, I did get extra teflon tube and optical sensor.

    backer 3799

  • @spydermonkeey
    Please provide your email address, I will push them to answer your question. For the switch problem, we need to check if it is broken then we can change it. Thank you.

  • Has anyone heard any more from support? I emailed about 5 days ago and haven't heard a word. I'm having the same power switch problem and afraid to use the printer at this point for fear of any sort of loose connection causing an electrical fire. This is very unfortunate as prior to the power switch failing, the printer was printing amazingly well.

  • Dear @Todd957

    Thanks for your support, for the switch, if you need a free one for change the old one, please send the broken picture and video to

    We have specific customer service to answer the email. Please don't worry.

  • @tpiscaglia I am in the same boat I've sent 5 emails in the past 4 days and have herd nothing my on/off switch feels loose the printer turns off by itself and some times it stays on with the switch turned off i'm afraid to use it because it might catch FIRE or mess the printer up. i just need to know how to continue if they are going to send a switch or do i need to buy one and if i buy one does void my warranty.

  • Dear @frank4president @tpiscaglia

    Please check The patch cord of the switch is connected or not.

    We are now in the company's goods, will replace all the switches. If the goods have already gone out, could you buy a replacement by yourself, we will compensate for some costs. Just send your bad materials picture and the serial number for the machine to

    And until now, we have added more people to answer the questions for CR-6 SE, please make sure you send to the right email address. Thank you.

  • I also have this issue. I have tried to reach out to support multiple times via call, email and online form. Have yet to receive a reply. Rather disappointed.

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