Unassembled Completely, How to Re-assemble

  • Long Story Short: Was moving, disassembled the E3 completely. Every screw. Now when looking through the manual I see that some parts were pre-assembled. I'm having a tough time finding guides because most of the time, the actual bed is on top of it and I cannot see how the things are put together. I do have the github but the cad models I see weren't much help unless I was looking in the wrong place.
    Any help on this would be fantastic. I can be reached on Discord as well at BabyHuey#0277

  • Its' just the standard Ender 3. I've seen plenty of unboxing videos, the thing I am most worried about is how I am going to get the bed back together and the middle set back up.
    I know this is my fault, I'm very embarrassed, but I literally took everything apart. Every screw. Even the things that came pre-assembled, I took those 100% apart. I need help assembling the pre-assembled parts.

  • Dear @Baby-Huey

    Which model it is? We can provide the unbox video to you.

    this is our youtube channel, there are some unbox videos here for your reference.

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