Ender 3 v1 4.2.2

  • Hi, I have the Ender 3 with 4.2.2 board.please how I can define the type of stepper driver mounted on the board?
    Have any software that permit find the type of drivers?

  • @BaDboD :

    Hi, tnx for the explanation, my english Is very basic...

    See you!

  • oomph sudden or immdiate high strength / power,

    it is a colloquialism or slang, in this case 'the quality of being energetic'

  • @BaDboD :

    Hi what does "oomph" mean?


  • @Camillo good, 4.2.2 are not bad boards, and the A4988 drivers are good. I think your wise to stay with it for now unless you really have a need to change. Plenty of oomph is a good thing, helps reduce stringing with all that extra acceleration 🙂

    Happy printing.

  • Hi dear, many tnx for tour detailled explanation!
    For now I don't think to change my v4.2.2 but on the future one v4.2.7 are the most affordable and qualitative choice.


  • well, not all bad, A4988 have a higher current output, are much more durable and very tried and tested. When run at the full 16 microsteps not that noisy either considering they have considerably more oomph about them.

    I did upgrade my Ender 3 V2 to a 4.2.7 as soon as I got a BL-Touch. They are far better boards and the BL was unreliable on the 4.2.2. They come with the either TMC2209 or TMC2225 which are identical chips just in different packages. Super quiet, cooler running but much lower max current, so not quite the same oomph you get with the A4988.

  • No lucky for me, whe have E letter on the card reader....

  • I had my fingers crossed for you. What did you get?

  • Hi, thanks for the reply and details!
    I'm ready to open the mother board case, I Hope for TMC drivers!


  • there is a letter written in sharpie/felt tip on top of the SD card port on the controller board. You will need to lift the lid on the electronics / controller housing to see it. please refer to the list below to see which stepper drivers you have

    C = HR4988
    E = A4988
    A = TMC2208
    B = TMC2209
    H = TMC2225

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