Ender 3 v1 upgrade to mb 4.2.7 w touchscreen & BLtouch

  • I don't know how to star this topic or what, but I have an original ender 3 wich I have upgrade the motherboard to the new 32bit silent board 4.2.7 and the new touchscreen DWIN and also added a BLtouch.... So where is my dilema, I love my ender 3 and this is actually my 3rd 3d printer, the deal is that with thr regular lcd the old one we used to have a bunch of things that we don't have on the touch version, the touch screen interface or GUI (graphic user interface) is nothing really no option no customization no manual level, the level that we get out of the G29 is not save to the eprom but to the sd card, can't change the filament while print, I found a really nice firmware compiled for the ender 3v2 from user Jyers but that one is not touch screen so it works diferent than the DWIN screen, it has a bunch of settings and custom things and a lot of things that are actually missing.... So right now is better to have the old and tiny lcd than the new one that is touch, does, someone know how to get the Jyers firmware to work on the touchscreen, I also tried to make the manual firware with visual studio but nothing works always gets stock on the loading bar never loading....

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  • @Panda_3D did you try changing it in configuration.h in the jyers firmware? there is a #define DWIN_CREALITY_TOUCHLCD