Is normal, than second cooler doesn't work?

  • Hi all! I bought creality ender 5 pro and printed 5-7 details. Now I noticed that the side cooler does not rotate.
    But main front cooler work.
    Should right cooler always work or it depends on situation?



  • it is the part cooler or blower fan. In your slicer the fan setting controls its speed (cooling options). Also in the menu of the printer if you set the fan to 100% (temperature->fan ?) it should spin, if not then will need to check connections and maybe even replace it. But check cooling options in slicer and test with printers fan setting first.

    Yes it should normally spin when printing depending on the settings in the slicer. Generally unusual to not be spinning during printing except maybe on first few of layers of print. Normally it is only spinning during printing

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