Replacing hot end fan on Ender 6 - Help

  • My hot end fan on my Ender 6 met with an unfortunate accident and I need to replace it. All I can seem to find are fans for the Ender 3 series. Can anyone point me to the proper fan for the 6?

    Also, I have vision problems and a slight tremor that prevents me from soldering, so if anyone knows of a replacement that already has the proper connector installed, it would be a great help.

    I had finally gotten the hang of dialing the leveling in and then screwed up the fan, sigh.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • @wgragg
    Yeah, unfortunately parts specific to the Ender-6 in general are still not easy to find.
    This vipmall site is useful to look parts up and get more info, but it's wholesale, so not for consumers.

    The usual 'official' Creality stores don't seem to help, so it's likely going to have to be from a reseller, and probably not Ender-6 specific.

    3D Jake does appear to have original Ender-6 fans. (Axial) (Blower)

    The original axial fan is really noisy... Maybe a ball bearing version would be an upgrade?

    Fans for other Enders should fit though. Just check size (4010) and voltage (24v), and cable length and connector as @BaDboD said, if you want a drop-in replacement.

  • there should be 2 fans?

    one is
    4010 fan
    red/black wires ~ 85cm
    no connector, connects to terminal block using screw driver.

    other is:
    4010 blower
    yellow/blue wires ~85cm long
    XH 2.5mm JST connector. should be already attached, no soldering required.

    obviously check the lengths and ensure the voltage matches but a quick search around seems to imply the above to be the case. There should be official Creality replacement fans available through your fave online store using the printer model number to identify, or you can use others in their range of fans that fit the above with cable connector and cable lenght to suit at least your minimum length requirement. Just ensure the colours are the correct way round in the connector, to match your original, as polarity does matter (you dont want a 4010 sucker 🙂 ). They almost all are the same way round, but I think there is the odd exception.

    You might want some help, as you will need to extract the old cable from the protective tubing around the cable bundle and thread the new one in.
    Your other (usually easier) option would be to cut, solder and heatshrink, but for a healthy long life of the cable I might also suggest this to be unwise.

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