CR-6 SE heat cartridge & Thermistor

  • Hi All,

    Pretty happy CR-6 SE owner here, no issues since I bought it in November last year.

    I have recently upgraded to a PrimaCreator All metal hotend & was wondering what options are out there for upgrading the Heater Cartridge & thermistor?

    What's the max power the breakout board can deliver before I would need a MOSFET?

    Kind Regards

  • Hello, @Jamesb4uk We don't recommend customers to modify the specifications of machine accessories, because we are not sure what problems would happen after updating the accessories; The motherboard supports default accessories, which can be in a relatively stable working state. Replacing other accessories with higher power will affect the service life of the motherboard and components. After the machine is modified, the default machine is not covered by our warranty;

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